Nellore Beds Availability

List of all hospitals, available beds and their prices. We manually call these hospitals once everyday and update. So this information is very reliable.

Total HospitalsHosps. with Regular BedsHosps. with Oxygen BedsHosps. with ICUsHosps. with Ventilators
HospitalsRegular BedsOxygen BedsICU BedsVentilator SupportPhoneLast CheckedComments
APOLLO SPECIALTY HOSPITALAvailableMay be AvailableMay be AvailableFull08616667028Private15 June, 12:27 PMOP is available.
NARAYANA MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITALAvailableAvailable May be AvailableFull08612300595Arogyasri15 June, 12:29 PM
Govt General HospitalAvailableAvailableAvailableFull08612330026Government15 June, 12:30 PMPatients booking through 104 will be attended in priority.
MedicoveravailableAvailablemay be AvailableFull04068334455Arogyasri15 June, 12:31 PMAlternate number ‭8008104224‬
Jaya Bharath HospitalsAvailableAvailableN/AN/A9492240473Arogyasri15 June, 12:32 PM
KIMS NelloreFullFullFullFull9951330555Arogyasri15 June, 02:30 PMOP is available monday to saturday from 9 AM. Beds may be available based on discharges every morning. . alternate number 08612315835, 9666777335
Vijaya Krishna HospitalAvailableAvailableAvailableFull8712264222Arogyasri15 June, 12:33 PM
CHC RapurAvailableAvailableN/AN/A9154644355Government15 June, 02:36PMalternate 7207369971.
Abhiram Instutions of Medical Sciences,AtmakurAvailableAvailableAvailableFull9160930037 Aarogyasri Empanelled15 June, 12:35 PM Bed will be provided based on CT scan and doctor's advice.
AH KavaliAvailableAvailableN/AN/A9849172344Government15 June, 02:41PMalternate 08626 242524. nodal officer number 9701257940
MythiliNo ServiceNo ServiceN/AN/A9703622000Arogyasri1 June, 09:05 PMOP is available. alternate number 9440445180. Ct scan report is being asked for admissions.
Rich HospitalAvailableAvailableAvailableFull9666520465Arogyasri15 June, 12:36 PMOP is available upto 2PM. Alternate number 9676818080
Sri Venkateswara Prajavidyasala Hospital,AtmakurNo ServiceNo ServiceN/AN/A08627221870Arogyasri and Employee health card30 May, 07:29 PMOP is available. nodal officer 7995086781
St Joseph HospitalAvailableMay be availableN/AN/A08612331845Arogyasri15 June, 02:03 PMAlternate number 9494852107
Trinity Hospital NaidupetaAvailableAvailableMay be AvailableN/A7386101770Arogyasri15 June, 02:09 PM
Anasuya Instute of Medical Science ,NelloreAvailableAvailableFullN/A9492272514Aarogyasri Empanelled31 May, 09:02 PMalternate 08612323535
Padmavathi Hospital ,NelloreAvailableMay be availableN/AN/A08612356668Partially Empanelled31 May, 08:50 PMBeds may be provided based on Doctor's advice and patient's condition. Alternate number 9502718995
Dr Vijayakumar Nellore Memorial Hospital, NelloreAvailableAvailableAvailableN/A08612347878Aarogyasri Empanelled15 June, 02:14 PM
Amaravathi Hospital ,GuduruAvailableAvailableN/AN/A08624250055Partially Empanelled04 June, 02:55 PMBed will be provided based on doctor's advice.Op available.
Ravi Chest HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A09010777941Partially Empanelled03 June, 07:07 PMAlternate number 9866966399
Vijaya care MultyspecialtyAvailableAvailableAvailableFull7702394666Aarogyasri Empanelled15 June, 03:33 PMOP is available.
District Hospital Atmakur NLRAvailableAvailableAvailableN/A7330975945Government15 June, 03:30PMAlternate number 08627295665
Area Hospital GudurAvailableAvailableN/AN/A9491242054Government15 June, 03:27 PMAlternate number 08624221364
Sri Chakra MultispecialtyAvailableAvailableN/AN/A9591000152Partially Empanelled04 June, 03:11PMAdmission will be taken through 104.
RSR Super Specialty Hospital,AvailableAvailableFullFull9010817060Partially Empanelled28 May, 06:22 PMnodal officer 8328486778
CHC KotaAvailableAvailableN/AN/A08624295960Government15 June, 03:21 PMAlternate number 9490287213
CHC KovuruAvailableMay be AvailableAvailableFull08978084878Government15 June, 03:19 PMOP is available.
CHC Buchireddy pallemAvailableAvailableAvailableFull08622272400Government15 June, 03:16PM
CHC UdayagiriAvailableAvailableN/AN/A9491121570Government15 June, 03:00PMAdmission will be taken through 104.
CHC VenkatagiriAvailableAvailableNo ServiceNo Service9100312552Government15 June, 02:36PM
CHC AllurMay be availableN/AN/AN/A9701754428Government26 May, 09:14 PMalternate 08622-295580
Amrutha Heart HospitalFullFullFullFull07947261927NAPrivate29 May, 06:54 PM
Dr. Andal Lakshmi HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A08612302098NAN/A
Triveni HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A08612328222NAN/A
A C Subbareddy Govt, General hospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A08612328500NAN/A
Narayana Super Speciality HositalAvailableAvailableAvailableNA08612317963NAPrivate15 june, 02:26PMAlternate 08612304922
Sri Sai MultyspecilityAvailableAvailableAvailableNA08626242255NAAarogyasri Empanelled15 june, 03:21PMonly 2 oxygen beds are available
Simhapuri HospitalsN/AN/AN/AN/A08616680100NAN/A
Brain Wave HospitalAvailableAvailableNANA9949668833NAPrivate15 june, 02:17PMOxygen shortage. But beds not available
Rainbow super Specialty Hospital,AvailableAvailableAvailableFull7207246442NAAarogyasri Empanelled15 june, 02:12PMnodal officer 7416118451
AIMS Super Speciality HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A9440284008NANA
Vijaya Super Specality HospitalAvailableMay be availableN/AN/A7981605603NANA28 May, 05:34 PMOxygen shortage. call the hospital before going.
Lakshmi Ram HospitalAvailableAvailableAvailableFull08623247718NAPrivate15 June, 02:07PMoxygen beds are available
Laxmiram HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A9440346370NANA
Near Kanikala HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A9709645119NANA15 May, 5:50PM
ESIC HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A 08612326356NANA
Kandukuri Hospital ,KavaliAvailableAvailableAvailableN/A7993062104Aarogyasri Empanelled15 june, 2:05 PMnodal officer 9949911737
Sai Krupa Ramadevi HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A8790006025NANA15 May, 6:09PM
Vennela HospitalsNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service9440475512NANA28 May, 5:24 PMAlternate number 08612304154,
Madhusudhan Sastry HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612331509NANA15 May, 5:42PM
Sarayu HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service9849256102NANA23 May, 08:25 PM
Siddartha HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612320808NANA23 May, 08:24 PM
Spandana ChikitsalayaNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service9951563151NANA23 May, 08:21 PM
Dr Chakrapani HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service9494789406NANA23 May, 08:15 PM
Lakshmi Sarojini HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947394558NANA22 May, 07:18PMOnly for dermatology
Adithya Speciaality ClinicNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947394863NANA
Sunrise HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612310861NANA
Nirupa Children HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612328987NANA15 May, 6:18PMOP is available
Ramachandra Reddy HospitalsN/AN/AN/AN/A8008326396NANA15 May, 06:48PM
Dr Yugandhar HopitalN/AN/AN/AN/A08623277944NANA
Bhaskaar Reddy HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A08612302111NAN/A22 May, 08:32 PM
Gaurav Homeopathic ClinicNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service8607337495NAN/A21 May, 11:12 AMonly for Homeopathy consultation.
Dr Care HomeopathyNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947345833NANA21 May, 06:46 PMonly for Homeopathy consultation.
Dr Pv Ramachandra Reddy HositalsNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612347704NANA15 May, 06:45PM
Sri Sai Chaithanya HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612310499NANA23 May, 08:27 PM
Ahalya Devi Nursing HomeNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service9493124729NANA23 May, 08:13 PMAlternate 08612344545, 9849048429
Sri Ratnam HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612327006NANA23 May, 08:29 PMONLY CONSULTATION AVAILABLE
Sri Shiva Durga AyurvedicNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947395032NANA21 May, 06:43PM
Hridaya cancer hospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947250324NAPrivate21 May, 06:47PM
Modern Eye HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612324868NAN/A21 May, 06:49PM
Lotus HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A08612304289NAN/A21 May, 06:51PMAlternate number 9533998838
Kidz Rainbow Childern HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612335888NANA18 May, 06:12 PM
Dr Praveen HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08626243436Aarogyasri Empanelled20 May, 09:46 PMThis Hospital is neither admitting covid patients nor available for OP for covid cases.
Madhu Children HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612320307NAN/A21 May, 06:53 PM
Nizam Little Star ChildrenNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08612315777NANA15 May,06:52PM
Homeocare International No ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service9177330000NANA15 May,06:51PM
Pulse HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947395127NANA21 May, 09:53 PMOP is available
Sridhar Multispecialty HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service08626240424Partially Empanelled21 May, 09:20 PMAdmissions are not being taken. OP available from 9:30 AM.
Meenakshi HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service9989806544NANA23 May, 08:19 PM
Akash HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947355632NANA21 May, 06:41PM
Sri Durga HospitalNo ServiceNo ServiceNo ServiceNo Service07947394875NANA21 May, 06:39 PMOP is also not available
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