Kurnool Beds Availability

List of all hospitals, available beds and their prices. We manually call these hospitals once everyday and update. So this information is very reliable.

Total HospitalsHosps. with Regular BedsHosps. with Oxy BedsHosps. with ICUsHosps. with Ventis
HospitalsRegular BedsOxygen BedsICU BedsVentilator SupportPhoneLast CheckedComments
Shanthiram Medical CollegeNandyalAvailableAvailableAvailableFull085142 45345Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PMBased on patient condition they will try to arrange oxgen beds.
Vishwabharathi Medical College and HospitalAvailableAvailableAvailableFull9059978128Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
Government General HospitalAvailableAvailableFullFull085182 55422Government03 June, 6: 00 PM
District HospitalNandyalN/AN/AN/AN/A9440280460Government
Area Hospital, AdoniN/AN/AN/AN/A851225400Government
Medicover HospitalAvailableAvailableFullFull040 6833 4455Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
Omni HospitalsAvailableAvailableFullN/A9951849236Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
Sanjeevani HospitalsAvailableAvailableFullN/A08518 226463Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
VR MultispecialityAvailableAvailableFullFull7702697084Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
Ameelio HospitalsAvailableAvailableAvailableFull7729965682Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
Vijaya HospitalsFullFullFullFull08518 271009Partially Empanelled31 May, 6: 30 PM
Udayanand HospitalNandyalFullFullFullFull9154752002Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
Noble Multispecialty HospitalNr PetaAvailableAvailableFullFull08518 228158Partially Empanelled31 May, 6: 30 PM
Sri Gayathri HospitalAvailableAvailableFullFull08518 256664Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
SGR HospitalGipson ColonyAvailableAvailableFullN/A8518289299/9866775626Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PMStopped admitting patients due to lack of oxygen
Seven Hills HospitalNandyalFullFullFullFull07 947347982Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
Sai Vani HospitalAvailableFullFullFull7207524291Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
AYUSHMAN HOSPITALVenkataramana colonyFullFullFullFull9390919210Aarogyasri Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PMAlt. 9390919210
KVR hospitalFullFullFull Full7013207948Aarogyasri Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PMpossible to show beds availability if Aadhar number is uploaded online
MSR MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITALFullFullFullFull9348644556Aarogyasri Empanelled31 May, 6: 30 PM
SRI CHAKRA HOSPITALAvailableAvailableFullFull08518 277895Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
RR HOSPITALBhagya NagarAvailableAvailableFullN/A08518 225414Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
VIJAY CARE HOSPITALAvailableFullFullFull9440225091Partially Empanelled03 June, 6: 00 PM
CBR KURNOOL RAMESH HOSPITALAvailableAvailableFullFull08518 231666Private03 June, 6: 00 PM
JEEVAN HOSPITALFullFullFullFull6301722599Private03 June, 6: 00 PM
SJ HOSPITALAvailableAvailableFullFull08518 220444Private31 May, 6: 30 PMBased on patient they are admiting patients
sai balaji nursing homeAvailableFullFullFull9989325911Private03 June, 6: 00 PM
Abhaya hospitalsAvailableFullFullFull080741 11599Private03 June, 6: 00 PMwith out oxygen beds are available
ApolloN/AN/AN/AN/A08518 225889Private15 May, 6:30 PM
Sri Sai Super Speciality HospitalN/AN/AN/AN/A08518 259095Private15 May, 6:30 PM
CNHOSPITALN/AN/AN/AN/A085182 30377Private15 May, 6:36 PM
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